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TARMAC Mobile Device Management for iOS integrates even easier with business IT
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 09:47:21 AM


San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany - August 17, 2011: Organizations can easily and securely manage iOS devices with TARMAC Mobile Device Management (MDM). equinux has now released TARMAC 1.6, the latest version of their MDM server solution for use with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Initial installation and setup of TARMAC, both on Windows and Mac, has been greatly streamlined.

"The overwhelming popularity of iPhones and iPads has brought up the topic of, 'Bring Your Own Device' to work," says equinux CEO Till Schadde. "Many administrators are facing the challenge of integrating employee's privately used iPhones and iPads into already existing IT-infrastructures. TARMAC offers a secure, easy to use Mobile Device Management solution for iOS. TARMAC 1.6 is the Mobile Device Management solution for every enterprise looking to successfully integrate iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch as mobile business devices for their employees."

TARMAC 1.6 allows the professional rollout and management of iPhones and iPads in business through MDM. With its intuitive interface, TARMAC users can use their company network to register their iPhone or iPad with the MDM server to benefit from numerous advantages: install iOS and profile updates in the background, centrally update security settings, reset passwords or completely wipe devices from afar. TARMAC MDM commands can be executed across large groups and even specific devices. The advantages of TARMAC Mobile Device Management are obvious: unlike other solutions, TARMAC is solely focused and designed to be used with iOS mobile devices.

IT-landscape at a glance: Inventory Management

TARMAC offers IT administrators additional advantages. With the MDM command set, TARMAC delivers integrated inventory management with actual information about all devices in the field - which user profiles are installed, iOS-Versions, installed apps in addition to the current security configurations. In any case, security is TARMACs first priority: changing company security policies and updating the settings of all authorized devices can be done remotely without the user needing to do or even see a thing. If an iPhone or iPad is lost, the IT administrator can centrally lock the device, reset the pass code or completely erase all data from the device.

TARMAC 1.6 offers support for Mac OS X, as well as, Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2, granting even easier iOS integration within existing Windows based infrastructures. TARMAC is now prepared for the latest iOS updates on iPad and iPhone. The TARMAC Business Server starts at US$695 and is available through our authorized partners. Licenses for iPhones and iPads are available as low as US$3.98 per user and year. Existing customers receive the update at no extra charge.

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